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The name Agrilibrium and the scale were derived from the word EQUILIBRIUM which means BALANCE and in this context is applicable to agriculture to ensure sustainability.

The term RESTORING NATURE’S BALANCE and the scale represents Equilibrium Farming™ on the left hand side of the scale (soil and roots) and Plant Stress Management™(the plant) on the right hand side with the water drop in the middle which represents water and the use of the 1:2 Water Extract soil analysis to determine the soluble plant available nutrients in the soil solution that enables us to do much more accurate soil and leaf fertilization recommendations.



Standard Tree Bags List

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We also Manufacture Bags to your specification:

Equilibrium Farming™

Plant Stress Management™

1:2 Water Extract

Avion Control

Please contact Tree Bags for more information and assistance.

Tree Bags woven planters are manufactured with attention to quality and cost. Tree traders, landscapers, tree growers, cycad growers, undercover farmers of vegetables, herbs and spices - you name the need and Tree Bags will provide the planter - Supplying Plant Bags across Southern Africa.  

Below is a list of Tree Bags standard bag sizes.

Please peruse the list and if your specific size bag or type is not listed, email Tree Bags for a quote.

Tree Bags make bags of all sizes - according to the customers’ requirement.

Standard Size Bag Enquiry Form can be downloaded and the completed form emailed to Tree Bags for a quote.

Please indicate on the form if delivery is required:


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Supplying Plant Bags to Southern Africa

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